Barite King implements a philosophy of operative distinction in a workplace absent of accidents, environmental emissions, health related incidents, losses to processes, and security incidents.


Barite King is dedicated to making QHSE an essential part of our business at all levels of the organization and in all stages of our procedures.  Barite King impending corporate development is dependent on the ability to constantly progress our QHSE performance. Everyone in Barite King takes part in the QHSE requirements.

Barite King is devoted to undertake the following preventions:

• Safeguard the health and safety of our customers, personnel, the community, and our environment.


• Observe and constantly work to improve the excellence of our products and services.


• Recognize hazards, examine their impact in QHSE performance and implement controls to reduce risk, minimizing losses or damage to people, environment, equipment, products and assets.


• Comply with all needed regulations in our operations sites.


Barite King understands and believes that the prevention of accidents and protection of the environment are a vital part of the growth and efficiency of the operations in the business. Barite King is committed to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental protection.